Part of Baby Growing Up

A baby comes into the world with many things to learn. Parents enjoy watching the new addition to the family through the stages of crawling to taking the first step towards walking, albeit unsteadily.  The first word a baby utters is another huge milestone. They need to give baby some help along the way of course. Few enjoy changing a baby’s nappy but it is a necessary part of being a parent.  A number of youngsters need some extra help because even up to the age of 5, 10% of children suffer from bed wetting, and perhaps still 5% under the age of 10.

It is a larger problem than you may think and obviously something that a child will be more self conscious and embarrassed about as he or she gets older.  In a small number of cases adults suffer with the problem and are increasingly embarrassed by it as well if it persists. People need help as they begin their lives and often once again when the reach old age; incontinence is a condition from which many elderly people suffer. It is nice to have a solution whatever your age.


A Helping Hand

Most children grow out of it, but a bed wetting alarm can provide a helping hand so that it may happen more quickly. Alarms are cheaper and generally more effective than the use of drugs; drugs may be harmful anyway. Alarms with a small battery can tell a parent if a baby has urinated because the urine moistens a sensor thereby causing it to vibrate, light up or make a sound. The brain can be trained to control the bladder if the alarm regularly rouses baby from sleep.

Conditioning the Brain

It will not always wake a child, especially those that are deep sleepers. However, a mother’s voice will arouse a child and this is where a parent becomes part of the process. That may be in the early stages of using an alarm. In most cases the child will gradually begin to respond automatically and the brain will condition it to want to feel dry and hence more comfortable.

Sleep for All

That is a key to success; the child actually wanting to stay dry. After the early stages when parents arouse the child, the alarm should take over and condition the child’s brain to take effective action itself. Parents still have a role to play. They must give babies liquid when they are thirsty but they should not overdo this especially if they are trying to cure their child of bed wetting. Everyone responds instinctively to encouragement and parents should certainly do that throughout the whole process until the condition is cured. At that point everyone in the house will get a good night’s sleep.

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