Powerful positive traits of Aniracetam

Also known as Referan, Ampamet, Memodrin, Sarpul, and Draganon, Aniracetam is recognized as one nootropic agent that belongs to the racetam class of drugs. Even though this nootropic is one among the first recognized and artificial derivatives of Piracetam yet its efficiency and research in humans are considerably limited. You will readily get this compound from online vendors in the form of a dietary supplement in a nation like the US. This medication enters the users’ bloodstream rapidly and it is identified as a more powerful racetam which can improve the memory of a user significantly.

This medication can improve mood and focus of a user remarkably well and it is exclusive because of its unique mood-improving effects. This nootropic lessens anxiety through its interaction with dopamine, serotonin, and choline receptors. Besides anxiety, this medication performs its job in the form of a substitute for treating depression and this is considered its chief mechanism of action. This compound is highly effective and harmless and has got lesser side effects which are the reason behind its huge popularity with countless users in recent years. This medication has shield humans as well as rats from scopolamine-induced amnesia which suggests that it can assist in the retrieval of deliriant intoxication plus other commonly cognitively impaired situations.

Positive effects of this drug

There are many people who wonder how this medication is going to make their life better and how is its benefits differ from other nootropics that are widely available. Actually, this medication commonly does its job by exciting some brain receptors, recognized as AMPA receptors. This exclusive feature turns it into an anti-depression and anti-anxiety nootropic. Users who have utilized this nootropic have felt that it augmented their general wellbeing besides mood. According to countless users worldwide, the benefits of this medication are manifold plus well-documented.

Additionally, this smart drug also performs as a potent neuro-protective agent. Based on one study it has been proved that this drug helped in improving memory in those who suffered from trauma in their brain. This compound does its job as a superb memory enhancer via a brain chemical known as a neurotrophic factor, BDNF. BDNF also performs as a fertilizer in the users’ brain. This neurotrophic factor is viewed as one of the chief raw constituents a person’s brain requires for his memory and learning. This medication has many benefits like its interactions with enhanced creativity besides others.

Common stacks

This drug can improve mood and focus as it is recognized as a highly powerful nootropic but its effects do not last for a longer period of time in the users’ bloodstream. Some popular stacks of this compound are:

  • Stacking with Choline – This is regarded as one great stack that combines this medication with choline. Like most of the racetam drugs, cholinergic composites like citicoline, or alpha GPC are effectual in creating the raw materials which work synergistically with this medication.
  • Stacking with racetam – This drug is short-lived plus potent but there are other racetams that have longer and steady cognitive enhancement and among them, Piracetam is one. This is the reason users combine these two nootropics.