Pro Chem Labs Anavar: Is it Safe?

Anavar, manufactured by Prochem Laboratories is prescribed to adolescent boys who have growth issues. According to Italian studies, Anavar is as effective as the Growth Hormone. Another French study shows that it is also effective in treating girls with Turner’s syndrome. However, is it effective in weight loss?

Prochem Anavar is believed to have the ability to help us lose fat around the belly area. It is also reported to be effective in visceral fats. These are purely claims from previous Anavar users. Before we get into the benefits of Anavar in weight loss, let us learn how it affects the body, its mechanism of action, including the positive and negative effects that this steroid can cause.

The Right Dose for Bodybuilding

In order to see results, a user must be able to get the nitrogen balance in Prochem Anavar which is 2.5 mg per dose. Bodybuilders use 0.125 to 2.5 mg per kilogram of weight to get the correct dosage. They claim that this dosage is enough to see visible results. However, there are other users who take up to 80 mg a day to see better results.  Female bodybuilders are advised to take half a dose of that in males.

The Purpose of Anavar in Bodybuilding   

Anavar is used in season and off-season by bodybuilders who are into competitions as well as athletes. It is believed that Anavar can increase strength which helps athletes and bodybuilders to push themselves harder during trainings and workouts. More women are using Anavar because of its low androgenic effects. As long as you follow the correct dosage and do not exceed the safe limit, Anavar has no toxic effect in the liver.

Anavar Side Effects

Anavar is considered as one of the mildest steroids. Women experience some side effects compared to men. If they take more than 15 mg a day, there is a high risk for acne or worsening of acne, developing a deeper voice, enlarged clitoris and excessive facial and body hair growth. Since this is mild, just a few reported gastrointestinal problems like a feeling of fullness, lack of appetite, diarrhea, and nausea.

Anavar and Massive Muscle Gains

Anavar is known to provide better physique with minimal to none side effects. However, if you are aiming for massive muscle gains, Anavar might not be the right drug for you. It can be used to lose weight in some cases, but never for bulking. However, you can stack it with other bulking agents to achieve better results. Men use this primarily on their cutting phases.

When using Anavar for bodybuilding, you have to be sure of your goals. If you want to cut some body fat, Anavar can be used for this phase since it increases energy and fat loss. But if you are aiming to bulk up, it would be best to try other steroids. Anavar may be mild, but it is not a reason to overuse it. It can still be dangerous if we develop an addiction to it and it will still be harmful to our health.