Protein Hair and Scalp Treatments Can Reduce Problems with Thinning or Hair Loss

Most people do not realise that protein is the main building block of hair follicles. Therefore, many problems with hair loss or thinning can be eradicated by the absorption of hydrolysed protein. However, protein molecules feature a high molecular weight and therefore cannot be applied topically.

Protein Must Be Absorbed by Hair Strands to Work

To alleviate problems with hair thinning or loss then, you need to make sure that the protein penetrates the strands. By taking this approach, hair becomes smoother and healthier and more receptive to growth.

Taking a Scan of the Hair

Naturally, everyone’s hair is different in this regard. Therefore, an analysis must first be made with an innovative hair scanner. The scanner is designed to display hair strands at 200 times magnification, which readily shows problem areas that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

A Customised Protein Hair Treatment

To deliver optimum results then, each protein formulation is customised in response to the analysis. Whilst the smell of a protein alone can be off-putting, the ingredient is included into products to avoid this type of effect.

Types of Protein Products

Protein products for hair treatment in Singapore may include ampoules, masks, essences, conditioners, and shampoos. The protein products are designed to provide nutrients to the hair, get rid of buildup, and eliminate clogs. Practitioners who add protein to hair believe that a clean scalp is necessary for hair growth. Therefore, cleansing or detoxifying the scalp is an essential part of the process.

How You Apply Protein Is Important

When you compare this type of protein treatment to more conventional therapies, the benefits are easily seen. For example, protein, when applied in the conventional salon manner, works at the level of the cuticle. Therefore, the client’s hair is treated so it is smoother and shinier. However, when protein is absorbed, the client experiences stronger and healthier hair. The penetration of the protein unclogs the follicles, detoxifies the scalp, and promotes healthy blood flow.

Red/Blue Light Therapy

Whilst the conventional method requires that product be applied to the strands, the newer and preferred treatment option involves application to the hair and scalp. A red/blue light therapy is applied to enhance the treatment results.

Aftercare Requirements

Conventional aftercare requires that the client refrain from washing his or her hair for as long as three days. However, when hydrolysed protein is applied using red/blue light therapy, the client can shampoo their hair the day following the treatment. As a result, normal shampooing and conditioning can take place as usual, or right away.

A Better Way to Reduce or Eliminate Hair Loss

What’s great about allowing hydrolysed protein to absorb into the hair is that no medications or surgery are involved. If you want to avoid a more invasive approach or want to steer clear of taking medicines then, adding protein so it can be absorbed is the best way to encourage hair growth and halt problems with hair thinning or loss.

Whilst more invasive hair restoration procedures are still offered, it is best to find out what processes can achieve similar results without the need to be so aggressive. If you have problems with hair loss and thinning, you owe it to yourself to find out how new and proven protein treatments can resolve your hair or scalp condition.