Qualities Needed For Elderly Rehab Services

When it comes time to choose a rehab facility for your elderly loved one, the decision can be a difficult one.  There are many facilities and options to choose from, and you might not know where to start or what to look for when it comes to finding the best quality rehabilitation services for your loved one.  There are many factors to consider and each facility offers its own services.  This article will discuss the top qualities that are needed for elderly rehab services that will insure your loved one receives the best possible care and treatment during their stay.

Skilled Nursing

A quality rehab facility should have professional skilled nursing services.  Skilled nursing services include, but are not limited to, the following services: wound care, dressing changes, administering medications and injections, administering and monitoring I.V. therapy, etc.  Many elderly individuals suffer from medical conditions that need treatment and care on a regular basis.  Skilled nursing services help to provide that medical care and treatment in the comfort of the individual’s own home.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is another quality that is needed for the best rehab services.  Physical therapy is the treatment of the musculoskeletal system (muscles, tendons, and bones) and the neuromuscular problems that affect movement and functioning.  A professional rehab facility will carefully select their physical therapists who are the most qualified and caring.  The physical therapists will work with the patients on strengthening and retraining their bodies to allow the patients to become more independent with walking and mobility.  The physical therapists also enlist the use of exercises and therapeutic techniques to increase joint movement, muscle strength, endurance, balance, coordination, and mobility, and also help to alleviate pain.

Occupational Therapy

Another service that should be provided at a rehab facility is occupational therapy.  The occupational therapist will work with the patient to regain or retain daily living skills while recovering from an illness or an injury.  Occupational therapy often occurs after a hospital stay.  Some skills that are worked on during occupational therapy include bathing, dressing, eating, and home management.

Speech Therapy

Rehab facilities also offer speech therapy to their patients.  Speech therapy is provided by skilled language pathologists that provide specialized programs for patients who are dealing with speech, language, comprehension, or swallowing difficulties.  The pathologists will provide thorough evaluations and treatment to maximize communication, swallowing abilities, cognition, nutrition, and hydration.

Personal Care

Personal care services should also be considered when choosing the right rehab facility.  Personal care is not offered at all rehab facilities, but is a great added benefit.  Personal care services give patients a higher level of personalized care in a nurturing, comfortable, and home-like environment.  Personal care offers assistance with medications, bathing, dressing, or other daily activities for living that the resident might need additional help with completing.  A fun and engaging activity program is also offered so that residents can maintain social contact and interaction. Healthy and nutritious meals are also provided in order to maintain proper nutrition. Each individual should receive a thorough assessment as to what their needs are and how they can be met through personal care services.  Licensed and professional staff is ready and willing to provide services to the residents in any way that is needed. Housekeeping services are also provided in order to insure that your loved one is living in a clean and comfortable environment. With these services, your loved one will be able to live comfortably and get the care they need to get their health back on track. Research the options in your area to find the best provider for the job.

About the Author

Tess Young has experience in Rehab services and has found that skilled nursing

is a requirement for top quality health care needs.