Questions to Ask When looking for a Good Alcohol and Drug Treatment Program

Finding the right alcohol and drug treatment program for yourself or loved one might be a task that is overwhelming. Here are some questions to ask when trying the find the best places.


How come the treatment center will not tell you if your loved one is with them?

The answer to this question is that the Federal and State HIPAA laws protect a person’s privacy. Before the counselor is able to talk to anyone – even a family member about a person’s treatment, the program needs to first have her or his permission, and it must be in writing. Even when the counselor knows that you know your loved one is there, she is still not able to confirm the truth of any individual in the program until your loved one signs to have information released or a disclosure authorization form. You might want to talk to your loved one and be certain he or she understands that you would like to be involved in the program. Residential drug rehab always is much more effective than outpatient.

You learn that a client can leave any program at any time. Is this the truth?

The answer is yes. Everyone has the option to leave. All alcohol and drug abuse treatment in purely voluntary although there may be consequences for leaving in some situations. For instance, if the person is in treatment because a court has sent them and they leave early. But if your loved one chooses to leave with treatment not completed, the staff might ask the individual to sign papers saying that they are leaving without completing the treatment. They also will ask why the addict wants to leave early and try to get them to stay and complete the program.

What happens after treatment?

Patients begin to develop an aftercare plan with the therapy team early in the treatment process. And each will receive an aftercare plan that is specific to their circumstances and situations. As a patient transition to living outside the facility, they will be introduced to the alumni community and receive follow up support from people how completed the program.

Why is drug rehab that is long term considered the best?

A long term drug rehab is more of a success than other rehab programs. Drug rehab is not well-thought-out unless they help the addict stay sober long term. Rehab encompasses 3 broad phases of care:

  • Sober living programs
  • Primary drug addiction treatment
  • Support therapy outpatient

These are a few questions that any residential drug treatment program will be able to answer for you.

Author Bio

Jan Davis worked as a nurse in residential drug treatment for 30 years. After retiring she continues to write about drug treatment programs especially residential.