Recognizing the Importance of Psychiatrists Role in this Society

Only if people knew how important psychiatrists to the society are, there would be more of them and better health care for everyone. However, the stigmatization associated with individuals with mental disorders, even if lessened, persists and it attaches in the unconscious mind of the psychiatrists themselves. Furthermore, absence of advanced diagnostic and treatment procedures, also contributes lesser towards this field of medicine.

To add to this woe, media presentations of psychiatrists are somewhat disturbing. They are often represented by media as sadistically subjecting patients to cruel treatments which is quite inaccurate currently. All this unfairness by the society is in fact creating biases and economic disparity between psychiatrists and specialty physicians especially when they too are an integral part of health care system.

To begin with, psychiatrists like Jonathan Lauter are physicians who are willing to deal with volatile, often damaging, largely unconscious emotional and behavioral forces which make the human condition. The condition of the patent can range from depression to hearing thoughts that are not there, seeing things that don’t exist, including fictional characters and can even have tendencies to attack. And it is only trained doctors like Dr. Jonathan Lauter who can diagnose and treat them making them an integral part of the society.

Most of these situations frighten the public and even the non-psychiatry medical professionals and for them, it is easy to project the terrifying feelings of one’s internal chaos provoked by these symptoms in patients that the doctors are not aware of. This is what gives birth to the negative stereotypes, attitudes, biased judgment towards psychiatrists, and their profession.

Besides this, doctors like Jonathan Lauter MD are trained to listen to patients with attention and thereby curate information to develop a better understanding of the medical problems that afflict them. Besides this, various social, biological, economical and psychological forces bear the patients down making it indispensable to recognize the same. The psychiatrists maintain relationships with such patients for a longer period of time to heal and improve their quality of life and even prevent a relapse.

Jonathan B Lauter MD is vital to the healthcare system because he spends time to listen to his patients carefully, monitoring them and even treating their conditions. These patients often neglect their medical care and it is then psychiatrists like him to treat both the emotional and behavioral issues. Having done intensive training in his medical program, he ensures that his patients get the best of both worlds.

Integrating primary care, internal medicine and even other specialty physicians who ensure patient’s treatment is completed in a coordinated fashion, he assures that neither the patient’s medical nor psychiatric needs fall into any crack. Along with this, Jonathan Lauter also ensures that the patients are treated efficiently within one established ecosystem.

Besides all this care and treatment facilities, he believes that the patient improve over time and often quickly. Most issues are resolved within weeks or months. If needed he induces both psychiatric medicines and psychotherapy in the treatment so that the patient has an overall development that helps in improving his or her lifestyle to a great extent.