Relieving Pain to Provide Better Life

Even if the thought of pain protects us by forcing us to restrain from injuries or stop doing something, the experience of being in continuous pain can turn out to be a horrible thing. This would eventually have an effect on our quality of life for it can delay the healing process, decrease appetite, increase stress, disrupt sleep cycles and even cause anxiety and depression.

Unrelieved pain can lead the patient to suffer in many ways for it robs of them of their lives. This is where health-care institutions like Medtronic comes into play. On approaching them, Kyle Nishkian talked about how pain can render patients incapable of doing many this, leading to even psychological problems due to their inability to maintain a normal and healthy lifestyle.

Most important of all pain causes stress and therefore it becomes important that it is managed through therapies and medical treatments. Associated with the health organization Kyle Nishkian thinks that all systems in our bodies react to pain in a different manner. For example, the endocrine system reacts to it by releasing excessive hormones which results in carbohydrates, proteins and fat. The glucose in the body is used poorly leading to harmful effects. This overall reaction combined with the inflammatory process can lead to weight loss, increased respiratory rate, fever, tachycardia, fever, shock and death. If the pain is unrelieved, it can even prolong stress response adversely affecting patient’s recovery.

Besides this, the cardiovascular system also reacts to the stress of pain by activating sympathetic nervous systems that produces a variety of unwanted side effects. During the post-operative period, there is hypercoagulation, increased heart rate, cardiac work load, increased blood pressure and oxygen demand from all parts of the body. Only with aggressive pain control methods as provided by Medtronics can prevent such effects and prevent thromboembolic complications. Cardiac morbidity is one of the primary causes of death after anesthesia and surgery.

Kyle Nishkian explained that since stress response leads the body to increase its sympathetic nervous system activity, intestinal secretions and smooth muscle sphincter tone, and decreases intestinal motility, it can actually cause temporary impairment of gastrointestinal functions and increase risks of ileus.

Pain delays the healing process to get extent and it becomes harmful for patients with metastatic cancer. Pain and related stress can actually suppress the normal immune functions including development of NK (natural killer) cells that play an important role in preventing tumor growth and controlling metastasis. All this is post-operative, but even in pre-operative circumstances; management of pain is a critical factor for it prevents surgery induced decrease in resistance against metastasis.

Lastly, advocating the harmful effects of pain, Kyle Nishkian thinks that unrelieved acute pain can result in chronic pain at a much later stage. Simply put, pain can lead to other pain. To cite an instance, if acute shingles is not treated aggressively, it would increase postherpetic neuralgia.

Today there are multiple options for pain relieve is present. Health organizations like Medtronics and Kyle Nishkian helps in understanding and providing you solution that would control pain. With pain control as their goal, all these institutions strive to release patients of their pain and improve their overall quality of life.