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Frequently, the traces left behind by acne or various accidents may take the form of deep scars, hyperpigmentation whic are usually narrow. In most cases, acne should be treated before starting the treatment of scars. Acne scar removal Toronto depends on the severity of scarring. Treatment for acne scars non-ablative laser or IPL device is based on generating heat the dermis, by absorbing the main chromophores of the skin (water, oxy hemoglobin, melanin). This heat causes changes in neighboring tissues that ultimately lead to the modification of collagen and improving physical appearance. Therapy involves a number of 1-4 treatment sessions, spaced at an interval of 3-5 weeks. Correction of scars is important because they may affect the psyche and self-esteem of the patient. The optimum method of treatment will be assessed by a specialist.

The laser treatment: This procedure is most often used when Keloids, fibrous formations appears on the skin in the place where was a scar. The laser treatment layer of skin burns the affected portion or change it to this improved aesthetics. Complete healing of the skin takes between 3 and 7 days.

IPL Treatment: Similarly, if light based treatments, it acts locally and efficiently without affecting the entire surface of the skin. This treatment is very successful because it immediately reach deep layers of the dermis, improving skin texture and reducing scarring. Treatment with IPL (intense pulsed light) is widespread due to its proven effectiveness. Using the most advanced technology in the field, IPL effectively treat and remove the causes of acne: sebum secretion and acnes bacteria. IPL is the use of three types of light – red, yellow and green – acting separately on the two factors responsible for acne. IPL Intense Pulsed Light technology works against all types of injuries: either the inflammatory (pustules) or the residual (scarring). Light yellow and green acts against sebum, while the red helps to eliminate bacteria responsible for such damage. IPL technique is noninvasive and risks, results are visible after the first 2-3 sessions. If sun exposure has to be made after treatment with IPL, then use of sunscreen creams is recommended. Fungus nail laser treatment is also a popular and effective treatment.

People who suffer from acne should avoid as much as possible the use of cosmetics for hair, especially hairspray, gels, paints. Even if they are put on the hair they can easily come in contact with the skin and irritate it. Shampoo and conditioner used should be as gentle contain no chemicals strong. Oily hair can in turn influence the skin, so it is good to be washed often (every other day), especially during flares of acne. If you have long hair, try to keep it trapped, not to come face. This is one of the most important recommendations and experts insist very much like it to be understood. Acne scar removal Toronto is surely going to cost you a lot of money and therefore it makes sense to take care of yourself both before and after the treatment.

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