Signs You Need a Urologist

For nearly all parts of the human body, there are men and women who choose to take additional medical training in order to specialise in that field. For example, your feet, ankles, and lower legs would be treated by a podiatrist while your eyes would be examined and treated by an optometrist. The best way to ensure that you truly get the best treatment whenever you suspect that there is something wrong with a highly specific area or function of the body is to call on such a specialist to make sure that you receive the correct diagnosis and treatment plan.


If you know for sure or even suspect that you may have cancer of the bladder, uterus, or kidney, it is time to visit a qualified urologist who can help you work through your symptoms and find some relief. While you undergo treatment for the cancer, this professional can help you choose certain changes in your life, medication, and procedures that might make it less frustrating to perform basic use of many functions of this part of your body. When combined with the services of a great cancer doctor, you and your urologist could make it possible for you to feel less pain and discomfort while urinating and performing other actions.

Pelvic Pain

It should not be painful for you to enjoy intercourse and you certainly should not feel a lasting ache or sharp pain in your pelvis. Visiting the department of urology in Singapore should help you come in contact with a trained professional who can help you determine the underlying cause of your pain and then set up a treatment plan for relief. Pain is your body telling you that something is not quite right and you should certainly listen to it if you want to see that pain reduced or eliminated using proven methods.


Most men and women experience a UTI at least once in their lives, often after taking antibiotics for another reason, and a urologist may not be someone to call in this singular case. However, if you experience multiple UTIs a year or have very strong symptoms from the one that you currently have, a urologist could be the person to call who will help you not only treat the infection but find the underlying cause. In some cases, a natural anomaly in your body, such as a narrowing of the tubes bringing waste from your kidneys to your bladder, can be the cause, which could result in surgery to treat the issue.


Whenever you sneeze, laugh, cough, or even take a particularly hard step, you should not experience urine finding its way out of your urethra without your initiative. If this is the situation, you could have a weakening of the pelvic floor or a number of other conditions that might be causing your body to let urine out prematurely. This could be caused by pregnancy, UTI, and a few other conditions of varying severity, and a urologist should be the person you call if this is a frequent and frustrating problem.