Speaking On Menopause Dryness & Menopause Moisturizer

Menopause ushers in phenomenal changes in a female body. It stops menstrual cycle that in turn affects many significant functions in the woman body. You will find many women complaining about stickiness, night sweat, radical imbalance in body temperature and heat-rushes as they approach 50- all of which are the results of menopause.

The most prominent effect of termination of menstrual cycle is reduction in estrogen level. According to gynecologists, the female body generates just 30 percent of estrogen in comparison to what it used to do earlier. This serious lowering to estrogen level results in high dryness in the woman body. Thus, many women report of experiencing dryness in skin all along the body, calling for more moisturizer than ever needed. You will notice a drier mouth and nose as well as dry eyes. Most importantly you will experience vaginal dryness as you reach menopause. It’s because the estrogen hormone is responsible for producing some aids that keep the vaginal area lubricated. With the reduction in estrogen level, there is less production of lubricating acids and hence a stiff , dry and uncomfortable vagina.

A dry vagina is especially uncomfortable while having sex which makes it painful and depressing for both the partners. Thus, as a woman reaches menopause, she needs to rely on menopause moisturizer solutions so that they can have a healthy smooth vagina like that of their 30s.The vaginal moisturizer is meant to lubricate the vaginal zone that keeps the dry sticky feel at bay, creating a moist comfortable intimate area. It is applied right before going to bed so that you can have a nice and relaxing love-making experience sans any question of pain or soreness. You must know that your regular body or face moisturizers won’t work for the intimate areas as  the vaginal skin is more delicate and hence calls for special vaginal moisturizers.

There is a great deal of vaginal moisturizers in the market today but if you are looking optimum results, it’s better to count on privaterx.com moisturizer solutions. The PrivateRx products are clinically proven & dermatologist tested as safe and hence you can be relaxed about no significant side effects- these moisturizing solutions are free from estrogen, fragrance and paraben. The good part is that the company has come up with both external and internal moisturizer products for an overall vagina care. You are promised of immediate relief here just within 3 days of application. You are getting a long-lasting moisturization effect here which will enable you to enjoy a smooth, easy and painless love life. The product is condom compatible as well and hence you won’t have to worry about unsafe sex.