Surgical and Non-Invasive Cosmetic Medical Procedures.

Cosmetic surgeries and non surgical cosmetic medical procedures are all the rage in the modern day. However, it is not all about vanity. Thousands of people are turning to the available procedures and techniques in an effort to make their skin look better, removes scars and other defects from the body, or fix areas of their bodies which they do not feel comfortable about. Some of the things that can be solved through cosmetic surgery include; loose skin, problems with virility in men’s sexual health and other needs that can be helped through other procedures.

Most people have excellent skin when they are young. However, as time goes by, certain factors cause damage to the skin. Exposure to the sun for long hours, an unhealthy lifestyle among other environmental factors puts too much as stress on the skin. That combined with the effects of aging causes the skin to loosen and not have the much desired youthful look. For that reason many people look for skin tightening procedures.

For this reason, there was a great need to come up with ways that can facilitate skin rejuvenation and help the skin to become tighter once again. Luckily, various ways which were first invented have been improved over the years. Consequently, there are many existing procedures which can immensely help those who wish to have a tighter skin.

What treatment plans are available?

Academy Laser Clinicsoffers various procedures which are intended to improve the skin appearance of their clients. One of these which has received a lot of praise is the ClassicDOT laser. This cosmetic treatment plan is held in high regard because not only does it revert the effects of aging and damage to the skin but also goes a long way in tightening the skin thus giving it a vibrant and youthful appearance.

The procedure works through the delivery of heat through DOTs. The ClassicDOT works more effectively because it delivers more heat through the skin thus facilitating higher production of new collagen. Collagen is an essential hormone that facilitates the healing and tightening of the skin. The advantage of this procedure is that it can be customized so that it effectively works for all the various skin types or specific areas of the skin that needs special attention. Also, it is a non-invasive type of cosmetic procedure. Therefore, it takes a shorter healing period compared to the invasive ones.

As new and healthy collagen is produced, patients begin to notice positive changes in their skin such as wrinkle reduction. Patients are recommended to go through at least three sessions to realize the best results. By a patient going through this process, it will see to it that they have an increase in collagen for up to six months thus providing long-term benefits to the skin.

Virility is equated with being an alpha male and increasing and extending men’s virility.  However, certain factors can cause men to have erectile dysfunctions or a lower sex drive across men of different ages. For some, it is usually as a result of medical conditions such as diabetes while in others it could be as a result of getting older or having been involved in an accident. Also, some drugs could result in erectile dysfunctions and a decreased libido. For a long time, this has tremendously lowered the self-esteem and confidence of some men. Those in a relationship have even had to break things off as they could no longer satisfy their partner’s sexual needs.

However, this no longer has to be the reality of men. A new approach which is considered as a great Viagra alternative has been discovered, removes the need for men to take pills to deal with erectile dysfunction.  The Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) technique is the new natural method that is offered by the CALIBRE clinic to help men improve their sex lives.

PRP involves using a patient’s blood which is then concentrated with platelets and essential bioactive proteins. After that, the blood is injected back to the patient’s penis. Given that the blood is concentrated, it facilitates healing and regeneration of blood vessels and tissues around the penis. This, in turn, increases the amount of blood which flows to that areas.
Consequently, sensitivity around the patient’s penis will increase thus combating issues to do with erectile dysfunction.

Given that there will be a healthy flow of blood, this process also helps to increase libido in many men who have stated that they were able to last longer during sex. The results may take between three to four weeks to be noticed. However, they are long-term as they last for almost a year and a half. A major benefit associated with this procedure is that it is all natural. Therefore, there are no unexpected side effects as compared to some of the other alternatives that were common previously.

Plastic surgery has existed for many years now. The only difference is that the techniques that are used have been improved thanks to science and technology. It also helps that there are professionals who are knowledgeable on how to go through with cosmetic surgical procedures such as Dr. Jayson Oates of Academy Face & Body, Perth.

Procedures such as facelifts are completed professionally so that the patients acquire the results that they hoped for. This procedure has long been used to give patients a more vibrant skin on the face. It is important for the experts to note the patient’s expectations so that they can work around that.

Other common procedures of this kind are the chin and cheek augmentation. For such, the procedure and the specific implants to be used on a patient vary depending on the various factors such as whether it is the height that is being worked on. This procedure is done under local anesthesia as there will be a need to make a small incision through which the silicone implant will go through.

Rhinoplasty is one of the most common procedures. It allows patients who would like the doctors to reshape their noses to do so. Other than for cosmetic purposes, rhinoplasty is also necessary for those with deviated septums as it helps them breathe properly. Blepharoplasty is the medical term for an eye lift.

There are very many cosmetic procedures which are available. The others include lip and breast augmentation, otoplasty which is the reshaping of the ear, neck lift among many others. These surgeries have helped thousands of people to not only feel confident but also to be comfortable with themselves. However, it is important to have consultations with your doctor so that they can explain to you what goes into the surgery and what to expect.