The 5 Good Natural Therapies From Herbs To Calm Down Your Cholesterol Level

If you go the natural way to treat your health issues, the nature is going to give you a treat back witha good health. There are many things that you can cure with the help of natural herbs and this post will mainly focus on the herbal remedies for high cholesterol.

Below are some of the natural therapies to control your high cholesterol level:

  1. Consume more of red yeast rice:

According to the medical research, red yeast rice has been found to calm down high cholesterol levels. However, the FDA has not yet followed any process or awareness to allow people to consume rest yeast rice due to some further studies of its components. You may still consult your general practitioner, to confirm if it is ok to consume red yeast rice.

  1. Garlic:

Some of the studies made by a few researchers confirm that garlic has the capability to decrease the blood levels and balance the cholesterol level in a perfect way. However, this effect is only temporary. If you wish to continue with the consumption of herbs, which will let youstay healthy for a long time, then you would have to rely on the natural herbal medicines for the treatment of high cholesterol level in your body. For a proper dose,check for your health care practitioner’s advice before beginning with these.

  1. Guggulipid:

We are not sure if this herb has another name, but it is well renowned as Guggulipid in the science of Ayurveda. The science of Ayurveda was in practice for more than 3,000 years ago and has become more prominent in the other parts of the world today, due to its effective results. Guggulipid is a form of a gum resin from the myrrh tree and is known as one of the oldest traditional Ayurvedic medicines. There is more research required according to the FDA, to confirm the other benefits of this herb.

  1. Policosanol:

This herb is produced from sugarcane and is known to be an effective herb for lowering the LDL cholesterol, according to several studies made. In the United States of America, Policosanol is majorly found and extracted from beeswax and not much from sugarcane. Further studies are being made in the Unites States to confirm whether the Policosanol extracted from beeswax can lower the cholesterol level similar to the Policosanol from sugar cane.

  1. Herbal Medicines:

Herbal remedies for high cholesterol consists of medicines that are made up of natural herbs and are considered to be much safer to consume, unlike the chemical based medicines to lower the cholesterol. There are many centers who provide a range of herbal medicines to treat various illnesses. You can always check with your doctor if you can begin with these. There are various reasons to switch to herbal products, and one of the major reasons is that they have no side effects. Thus, you may safely use them to cure the cholesterol problem.

About the Author:

Marry Gibson,is a popular author who writes on heath wellness. Marry’s recent book on Herbal remedies for high cholesterol, has contributed to a great demand of herbal products in her locality and has created good general awareness amongst people.