The Four Weeks Cycle Guide for Beginners

The Dianabol or Dbol cycle recommended for beginners is one of the most accepted cycles. If you are a first time user who wants to put on muscle mass and get a perfectly ripped physique than it is the best supplement for you. Normally, the beginner’s cycle is for 4 weeks. This androgenic anabolic steroid is known to help its users to gain muscle mass and strength whilethey workout with weights. This steroid was developed in the year 1960, for the weightlifters inthe Olympic event.With its use, the athletes gained a good advantage over their competitors. It is one of the most effective steroids not only for professionals but ever even for the beginners.

Why choose Dianabol

Over the years, Dianabol has helped bodybuilders to gain muscle mass. This legal steroid promises to give you quick results in a very short time. Some men, who have tried Dbol cycles have gained around 2 to 4 pounds in a week while some of them have even gained upto 40 pounds by following the Dianabol ciclo 4 settimane. The second result can be expected when you use Dianabol in your bulking cycle stacked with some other steroids. Normally you get to see the visible results in the initial two weeks. And if you follow the 4 weeks cycle properly you would keep on gaining weight. But if you are a beginner, you should be aware that, in this process, a part of the weight you would gain is the water weight.Before you start with the steroid, it is recommended that you do a proper research about the product. If not combined with a proper diet and best stack, it might land up harming your body.


Taking steroids normally hampers the production of natural testosterone in your body. This automatically lowers the level of testosterone in most men. To overcome this situation during the cycle, most bodybuilders take several forms of exogenous testosterone like testosterone enanthate, testosterone propionate or testosterone cypionate.You can stackDianabol with 300mg of Deca Durabolinweekly for about 10 weeks and 20mg Dianabol Methandienone daily for the six weeks towards the end of the cycle. Be careful not to stack DBol with the following steroids namely Winstrol,Halotestin,Proviron, Anadrol or Turinabol as it can be extremely harmful to your liver. Also, you should avoid taking alcohol while on this steroid.

Where to buy from

If you are planning to start the Dianabol ciclo 4 settimane and take full advantage of the steroid then you need to make up your mind as to from where to buy the drug.It is not possible to find Dianabol at the local pharmacy near you. Neither can you purchase it with a valid doctor’s prescription. Since it is a controlled drug in countries like the UK, Canada, Australia and the US its manufacturing has stopped. So you have the option of either buying it from the underground labs or black market. If you go for the online option, chances of getting the authentic products are very less as it is an illegal drug.