Top Rowing Machine from brand SOLE – It’s SOLE SR500

Sole has been a pioneer in internet marketing for most of the fitness brands. They were one of the first sellers who sold their products only online, first on their own website and then through third party websites such as Amazon. There was a time when all of their products were only sold online.

Sole has been making fitness products since a very long time. This time they have stepped into the world of rowing machines with their model SR500, their first ever attempt in the foray of rowing machine making. So let us check out today every tiny bit of the first ever rowing machine from Sole, the SR500.

SOLE SR500 Rowing Machine

With the SR500, the brand Sole has made its debut in making rowing machines, apart from manufacturing treadmills and bikes. This machine is made in Taiwan and is very much similar to the earlier made LK580 from BH fitness. But this model also comes with a host of new features including a wireless system, new aluminum frame design and a new air magnetic resistance system.  Let us check this machine out in our in depth analysis.

●     Design and Build

The design and the build of a machine determine the ease of use and ensure long hours of work out without any physical problems or excess fatigue. The Sole SR500 is a machine designed to deliver. It is made out of high grade aluminum and is designed in an ergonomic manner which makes this machine extremely durable and provides a rich life like feel to the product. The machine provides a high sitting position and adjustable foot pedals that match the need of the users perfectly. Such modifications allows one to work for long hours and do not induce any kind of other fatigue. The frame is also foldable which makes this a perfect option to store at home. It can be moved using the rollers provided upfront. The belt driven system is also very smooth and quiet.

●     Display Panel

The Sole SR500 use a state of the art advanced two color LCD screen which allows one to keep a close eye on their work out. It also comes with the feature to set work out goals for one selves so as to achieve the very exact desired results. The monitor also has multiple programs to set different types of workout programs. The display meter also displays the necessary vitals during a workout which includes heart rate, strokes per minute, calories burnt, total distance and time covered etc. this display panel also includes a wireless system.

●     Resistance System

The SR500 uses a very advanced air-magnetic coupled resistance system. At any set mode, the user experiences a smooth and fluid like work out experience and a natural pull due to this powerful resistance system. There are 16 levels of difficulty to choose from which makes work out quiet intense, but there are a lot of utilities in that. The various levels help in distributing the force to the most vital muscle points of the body. One also gets the feature of wireless adjustment of the difficulty levels. The control is found at the right of the handlebar, thus users can use this technology to adjust the variations of their work out without being forced to pause their working routine for a bit of time.

●     Assembly

The package of this rower machine is very easy to assemble and is also very space friendly. Anyone with a bit of experience can assemble this machine very easily, and as this is foldable and also comes with rollers, this machine can be set up or can be store or moved from one place to the other very easily.

The Sole SR500 might be the first rower machine from this brand, but it is packed with some delightful classy features which causes it to stand out from the others. We can only expect more such high quality products from this brand in the near future.