Treat the Tendon Damage at Your Heels as Soon as Possible

In general, people tend to face so many issues in discomforts with connection to their limbs. Though these issues come up as minor ones in the beginning, they tend to worsen with the passage of time. Since they have something or the other to do with your limbs, there are a lot of possibilities for them to affect your day- to- day activities in the long run. This is exactly why you should not ignore these issues and undergo the apt treatment as soon as possible. Speaking of the problems with the limbs, you really cannot go without discussing about the Achilles tendons. This issue is technically termed as Achilles tendinitis. Now, the most important question in here is what is an Achilles tendon? It refers to the tendon that extends from your knee and passes through the back of your ankle to meet at your heal. It is the biggest tendon that you could find in your body. The Achilles tendon is named after the Greek hero Achilles whose life force lies at his feet. If you experience this problem called the Achilles Tendinitis, it is recommended for you to consult the tendonitis doctors in NYC. These specialists will be definitely able to help you to get rid of the problem.

Causes of tendon damage

It is widely said that tendon damage happens to men who get themselves involved in sport activities and men who are of the middle age range. However, once you know that you suffer from the issue; you just have to pass on to the next step. When you want to treat the tendon damage in your ankles, you have to analyze the causes and effects of the same in the first place.

  • Overdoing exercise and workouts
  • Lack of warm up before and after exercise sessions
  • Too much of walking or running
  • Lifting weights at a wrong position or angle
  • Getting involved in gymnastic practices
  • Athletic and other related sport based activities
  • Skid during a dance

Next in the row are some of the symptoms and effects of tendon damage.

  • Swelling at the heals
  • Tightening of calf muscles
  • Decreased angle of motion of the legs

What can you do?

The Achilles tendon damage could possibly detected with the help of the rays and sometimes even MRI scans. Once you are detected with Achilles tendinitis, then it is very much mandatory for you to take relevant treatment so as to prevent further damage at large. If you are in need of the best treatment ever, you need to consult the tendonitis doctors in NYC and they will be able to come up with a good solution. Here are a few simple cures for you

  • Icing your heals and calf muscles from time to time
  • Gentle stretching exercises
  • Wear soft walking boots or braces to hold your heals tight
  • Prevent the movement of your heels as far as possible
  • Try shock wave therapy for heals
  • Undergo a surgery (in extreme cases)