Tyrosine supplements enhance wakefulness and body metabolism

Tyrosine is one of the compounds found in proteins. Basically tyrosine is an amino acid which is manufactured in our body from a different amino acid called the phenylalanine. It is used in various aspects of medicine and industry, majorly to combat an inherited disorder named phenylketonuria (PKU). People suffering from this disease are not capable of processing phenylalanine in the body. Hence, their body fails to manufacture tyrosine. Thus, the best pure tyrosine supplements are required to be taken by them. Apart from that people take tyrosine for attention deficit disorder, depression, narcolepsy, Parkinson’s disease, chronic fatigue syndrome, premenstrual syndrome, schizophrenia and also to reduce wrinkles on the skin due to ageing.


Differences in the levels of the tyrosine have influence on the synthesis of nonepinephrine and dopamine in both humans and animals. Also, it is the originator of the catecholamine. Thus, tyrosine is incorporated in numerous pre-workout products for enhancing the manufacture of nonepinephrine and dopamine and stabilizing the mental drive as well as the focus which is associated to its production. Taking note of the fact that that the tyrosine has to contend with a few other LNAA to traverse the blood-brain barrier to influence dopamine and nonepinephrine, it is imperative that it is taken on its personal and not along with another protein supplement or other LNAA, for example: leucine, valine, isoleucine, tryptophan, etc. As tyrosine is involved in the production of catecholamine, it is often treated as a huge supplement for the “anti-stress”. It is also used in various fat loss products which are premeditated to raise the rate of body’s metabolic activity. This is because tyrosine is also a precursor of the hormone associated with body’s metabolism, that is, thyroid.

The best pure tyrosine supplements are found in the form of capsules or powder. Daily dose of tyrosine supplements can serve as a strong booster for memory and brain power, concentration and mood. Body produces it in a very small quantity and hence tyrosine supplements are often required and prescribed for people to increase their wakefulness, prevent anxiety attacks and triggers of stress. It has been proved of serving nootropic benefits and also deals with attention span disorders such as ADHD and ADD. It also attends greatly to combat signs of aging and multiplies cognitive function when it has an exposure to stress. Researchers have exhibited that tyrosine supplements of proper dosage have served delightfully but reaching that proper quantity is important. For serving the nootropic needs tyrosine have been used 10.5g for a person weighing seventy kilograms.

Tyrosine supplements are infrequently in possession of side effects. People taking very high doses of tyrosine have been known to report of sporadic headaches, nausea, diarrhea, insomnia and vomiting. As tyrosine is associated with the production of dopamine, it is told to take tyrosine supplements in the morning so that sleeping patterns remain unaffected. The side effects of tyrosine on patients who are pregnant have not been ensured. Thus, a physician should be consulted before consumption.