Understanding your skin

There is one organ in your body that is the largest, and simultaneously the most delicate. You only get one at birth, and although it is able to regenerate to a certain extent, there is only so much that it can do in order to maintain itself. It takes the most amount of punishment from the elements, and yet we often do very little to take care of it. Worked out what this organ is yet? Surprisingly, this largest organ of our bodies is actually the skin; we may see it as just the outer covering of all of the ‘important’ bits of our bodies, but it actually has a huge effect on the our health, and if we do not look after it then we can quickly start to see the entirety of our health start to disappear and suffer. So how can you understand your skin better?

Well, for a start you need to accept that everyone’s skin is different. Yes, it would be wonderful if we all had skin like that friend you have that seems to never get spots, or too dry, always just right – but we are all born with a slightly different genetic makeup, with components that all interact in slightly different ways. We also live in very different environments; someone living in Alaska is going to have a very different skin type to someone that lives in Atlanta! You cannot go through your life comparing the skin that you have to the one that you want, or other people’s, because you need to learn to love and care for the skin that you do have. That means that you need to start examining it to understand what it is asking of you.

Many people find it strange to think about what their skin of asking of them, but just like your stomach needs a certain acidity level, and your brain needs to be hydrated, your skin requires you to do, eat, and drink certain things in order to keep it in the best possible health. Keeping hydrated is key for all of your body but it is most vital for your skin. As soon as you start to dehydrate your skin, it will stop being able to regenerate itself – and that means that you’ll start to see even more dry patches, redness, spots, and even liver marks and freckles. Your skin also needs you to eat a varied and healthy diet, with plenty of natural ingredients that are not overly processed. We’ve all had that binging session where we eat that terrible food, and what terrible havoc does it play on our skin!

Lastly, you need to accept that sometimes your skin will need a little bit of extra help. Botox is often considered to be a terrible thing, but many of the Los Angeles Botox classesare rightly explaining that Botox is just giving your skin a little boost to keep it as healthy as possible. You want your skin to be able to last, happy and healthy, for decades, but natural aging means that by the time that you enter the middle of your forties, it is simply not possible for your skin to look the same as it did twenty years before! Los Angeles Botox courses offer you the chance to give your skin the support it needs in order to keep you happy for another few years, and there should be no shame in that. In a way, it is proof that you want to take care of your body and your most important organ for another decade.

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