Using a Skin Brightening Serum to Enhance Your Complexion

By making the right decision with respect to a skin-brightening system, you will notice an overwhelming improvement in the looks of your complexion. Over-pigmentation can be overcome with the right scientifically-based formula.

Take Charge of Your Complexion

Today, acerola is used to combat melanogenesis, and therefore is used to slow the distribution of melanin in the skin’s epidermis. If you want to take charge of your complexion then, you need to use a product that uses acerola to remove dark spots and increase translucency.

The miracle ingredient in this type of skin care product, or acerola, is also referred to as the Barbados cherry. Native to the West Indies, acerola is also grown in Central America, South America, Florida, and Texas. Grown on a small tree or shrub, the acerola fruit is bright red and features a number of small seeds. Fruits degrade quickly after they are removed from the tree.

How Acerola Improves the Skin

Traditionally, acerola fruits are used to treat diarrhoea, dysentery, and liver conditions. The berries are also used for their astringent properties. Both species of the plant are reported to be excellent sources of vitamin C. Vitamin C, which is a well-known antioxidant, assists in building collagen cells and strengthening the immune system. These anti-oxidative qualities make acerola the perfect ingredient to include in a skin whitening serum. Not only does the ingredient contribute to translucency and brightness, it also fights cellular degeneration.

It is not surprising then that this type of lightening and brightening product is popular among Asian women. The historical importance of having translucent, fair skin has collided with today’s innovative developments in skin care and whitening. Products of this type not only promise to fulfil the desire for brighter and smoother skin, they also permit women to control their beauty choices.

Basically, a brightening product is made to lighten the skin’s melanin. Melanin is the substance that gives skin its particular hue and tone. When you see unevenness in the skin then, you are looking at sunspots and age spots, or clusters of melanin. In the past, melanin was lightened by using aggressive approaches. The methods included the use of such chemical bleaches such as hydroquinone – all of which produced dramatic results, but not good results overall.

Natural Ingredients

Fortunately, in this day and age, skin brightening has taken on a more natural approach by making use of nature’s extracts to lighten and smooth the facial area. Natural ingredients are used to selectively lighten the skin’s pigment, often discoloured from sun damage or aging.

Today, high-quality natural creams can effectively stop melanin clustering – an effect that produces unwanted dark spots on the skin. The spots are broken down and any clusters are lightened without having any impact on the surrounding areas.

When you use a chemical bleach, and not a natural product, the area beyond the dark spot can be affected. As a result, a halo effect results. This type of effect can cause the skin to become unevenly brightened. Chemicals can also lead to photosensitivity, which is all the more reason to use an acerola-based product.