What happens to be the Connection between Breast and Cervical Cancer?

As some of you out there already know, there are some connections between breast and cervical cancer. The majority of patients who are affected with breast cancer are nearly always women, and naturally all cervical cancer patients are of the female persuasion.

A number of women get themselves regularly screened for both of these different kinds of cancer in the hope that an early diagnosis will offer them more efficient treatment.

Certain risk factors, such as:

  • Prolonged oral contraceptive use
  • Smoking
  • An overall unhealthy lifestyle

These aredeemed as reasons which can increase the likelihood of cancer development.

A Small Proportion of Men

The distinct connection between these types of cancer is that they are for the most part only seen in women. Breast cancer, even though much more commonly seen in women, can still affect men due to them having small amounts of breast tissue behind their nipples.With regards to any women who islooking for cervical cancer screening in Singapore, she should contact a renowned and professional specialist in that medical arena.


Both breast and cervical cancer are also connected due to women beingperiodically screened for any development of these two diseases. Cervical cancer screening is carried out by the swabbing of the cervix and doing a Papanicolaou (AKA “Pap”) smear on the cervical cells taken from the swab.

Breast cancer screening is usually undertaken with the use of mammography, an imaging test that looks at breast tissue and exams it for any abnormal growth. Most women should undergo annual mammograms after around the age of 40, even though some experts nowadays are recommending that females can wait until they are 50 years old or more to start having regular mammograms.

Causes for Concern

  1. The Contraceptive Pill

A less well known fact is that the risk of breast and cervical cancer is increased by the use of oral contraceptive pills and this applies to both types of malignancies. It is believed that the extra amount of hormones in the pills can advance the growth of abnormal tissue that may become cancerous. However, generally speaking, the increased cancer risk caused by oral contraceptive pills is believed to be small.

  1. Smoking

Smoking can also be thought of as another risk factor that is normal to both breast and cervical cancer. Even though the most crucial risk factor for cervical cancer is from the human papillomavirus (HPV), smoking is yet one more risk factor for the growth of the disease. And as is well known, many medical professionals, reckonthat smoking also goes on to increase the risk for breast cancer.

Start from Today!

One of the best things that we all can do on a daily basis is keep ourselves healthy. Refraining from bad habits such as eating and drinking unhealthy foods is a good way to start to detox ourselves and especially for anybody who is suffering from cancer.