Why an MRI is done?

MRI which is also known as the magnetic Resonance Imaging, is a kind of test which is done by using some powerful magnets, radio waves and a computer which can make a detailed picture from the interior of a human body.

Doctors mainly suggest MRI in Chennai to diagnose or to find out how a patient has been responding to a treatment. In MRI there is no use of radiation unlike CT scans and x rays.

Now, the question is why a person needs to get an MRI done? Well, it helps a doctor to diagnose an injury or a disease that has happened and how well the patient has responded to the treatment that has been done to cure it. MRI can be done on different body parts of a human being.

If a doctor has already suggested an MRI of a spinal cord then they must have been looking to the diagnosis of;

Blood vessel damage


Brain injury

Spinal cord injuries

Multiple sclerosis


An MRI of the heart and blood vessels is mainly done for;

Damage caused by a heart attack

Problems with the structure of the heart

Blocked blood vessels

Heart disease

If there is a suggestion for an MRI for bone joints, the it can be due to;

Bone infections

Damage of joints

Bone Cancer

Disc problems in the spine

Not only these, but MRI can be done for other human body organs as well like Liver, Breasts (for women), Ovaries (for women), Kidneys, Pancreas and Prostate (for men). There can be a special kind of MRI conducted to map the brain activity of a human activity. This test is mainly done to look at the blood flow in a human brain. This checks whether the needed areas in the brain become active or not when certain tasks are done. An MRI test can always detect brain problems like what are the effects if the person has suffered a stroke or whether one needs a brain surgery because they are suffering from tumours and epilepsy. This test is mainly done so that the doctor’s diagnosis can become easy.

What are the preparations that a patient need to take before going for an MRI? Well, there are certain things and information which a patient needs to pass to the doctors if they have been advised for an MRI.

  • If you have any health problems like a liver or a kidney disease.
  • You had a very recent surgery.
  • You have a chance of getting pregnant or are already expecting a child.
  • If you have allergies to any particular medicine or food or have breathing problems.

When you go to the best MRI scan centre in Chennai, you should know that no metal is allowed in the MRI room because it has a magnetic field in the machine which can easily attract metal. So one should let the doctors know if they have artificial heart valves, body piercings, drug pumps, fillings and other dental work.