Why Are You Still Smoking Traditional Cigarettes?

If you are still smoking tobacco cigarettes, you need to consider switching to e-cigs, especially if you find it particularly difficult to quit. Whilst you may have gotten used to this type of smoking, it is still impacting your health and your wallet. Traditional cigarettes cost a great deal more than e-cigs and are bad for your health as well as the health of your pets and family.

In fact, passive smoke can impact a pet’s or human’s health to a large degree, according to studies. Organisations that are against traditional smoking state that passive smoke leads to premature death in non-smokers.

The Problem with Second-Hand Smoke

Not only does this type of smoke increase the risk of getting heart disease by as much as 40% but it also contains the same chemicals to which smokers are subjected. Out of these chemicals, 69 are known to cause cancer. Scientists have shown that no known safe level exists for anyone who is affected by secondhand smoke.

Consider the case for the e-cigarette even further by reviewing the impact of third-hand smoke. Third-hand smoke is the residual smoke that is left in hair or clothing or that lingers seemingly harmlessly in the air after a traditional smoker has finished his or her cigarette. This type of smoke contains the same carcinogenic gases and toxins that invade our space when we are subjected to passive smoke.

If you cannot quit your traditional smoking habit, you need to seriously consider why e-cig “smoking” is better. E-cigarettes are not ignited. Therefore, the fumes that result from their use are merely vapours that do not leave a smoky smell or toxic residues. Plus, the burn on an e-cig is minimal. This means that e-cigarettes do not burn holes into carpeting, clothes, and upholstery and are not a fire risk as their traditional counterparts are.

No More Lighters or Matches

When you vape e-cigarettes, you do not have to resort to using lighters or ashtrays. That is because the electronic device does not produce butts or ashes. Because e-cigs do not require a flame, you no longer have to resort to matches or a lighter for “smoking.”

Needless to say, there is a variance between the smoke of a regular cigarette and vapour. Vapourisers or e-cigarettes produce vape smoke that, in a technical sense, is an incorrect definition. Smoke is produced by combustion whilst a vapour is created at a temperature that is lower than this ignition point. A vapour also does not contain or create new compounds. Instead, a vapour maintains the same ingredients when it is released.

The vapour of an e-cig is formed from an e-liquid that is warmed by a battery. As a result, an e-cig vaper can enjoy the device in many places where traditional cigarettes are not permitted. These places include airports, bars, and restaurants. You just need to check with an establishment initially before you enjoy an e-cig device.

If you have not quit smoking for your own sake, do so for the sake of your pets and family. By switching to an e-cig, you can get rid of the passive smoke in your house and live more healthily.